Board of Directors

Thaddeus Seymour - Chairman - HFH Winter Park Maitland Kassi Bernard - Executive Director - HFH Winter Park Maitland Hal George - President - HFH Winter Park Maitland
Thaddeus Seymour
Kassi Bernard
Executive Director
Hal George
I could not be more proud of the Habitat volunteers, partners, and homeowners. They represent our community at its very best.   Every Saturday I work with the most dedicated and energetic volunteers I have ever known. They are just awesome!


Jeff Briggs

Joyce Swain
Secretary, Family Partnership

Andy Holland
Family Selection
Chris Rudolph
Dave Runnels
Honorary Director
Pat Fishback
Honorary Director
Steve Schoene
Honorary Director

Lynn Meyers

Interior Decorator

Caroline Blydenburgh

Vice President, Family Partnership

Roger Sell

Public Relations

Vincent Scarlatos Linda Vance
Family Selection

Russ Stacey

Public Relations, Staff Writer

Robbie Schultz
Rick Rudy
Family Partnership